The Best Gym Equipment Of 2015

The Best Gym Equipment Of 2015

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We know you want to reach your goals, so sidle up to these top gym picks to get there.

Best Cool Cardio

The Best Gym Equipment Of 2015

Artis Run Treadmill
The future of exercise may not involve machines actually doing it for you (we can assume many of our readers wouldn’t want that), but this cutting-edge treadmill from TechnoGym is getting pretty close. Using a digital interface called UNITY and with a frameless design that is holistic and understated, this tool can even recycle the energy you are outputting back into the building to power the gym. The future, as they say, is now.
Price: $9,890 to $13,290

Best Gear Your SHouldn’t Underestimate

The Best Gym Equipment Of 2015

Xtreme Monkey Wood Plyo Box
At first glance this may appear to be a simple crate, similar to the one that the leg lamp was hoisted out of in A Christmas Story. But this

Core Flyte Pro
Taking inspiration from the stability ball exercises that have been dominating fitness for decades, the Core Flyte system utilizes not one, not two, but three spherical units underneath each pad. They are the key to increasing coordination and the difficulty of your favourite exercises, from planks to lunges. Next time you are pumping out another boring set of squats with your trainer, hint that this could really elevate their (and your) game.
Price: $132.49

Best Functional Workout

The Best Gym Equipment Of 2015

Xtreme Monkey Undulation Rope
What’s better for releasing pent-up aggression than furiously swinging weights as you stare yourself down in a mirror? Battle ropes, of course. Engage your entire body by waving this challenging form of resistance, as though mushing your own sled of dogs, And if your gym has a set of this

Element Fitness Functional Trainer
As small and talented as Mary Lou Retton, this

Frequency Fitness RX125 Indoor Cycle
So you love spin class but hate the sweaty room, the barking instructor, and the overly enthusiastic patrons who surround you, smiling through each sprint? Fair enough. Take your class home with you when you purchase one of these tough, commercial-grade bikes. With a lifetime warranty on the frame and two years on parts, you can put this machine through its paces while it does the same to you.
Price: $1,999


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