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Cold runny nose? Six prescriptions can be alleviated

1 ginger tea

Take the amount of ginger and tea to drink. Insist drinking 3 days, so it can reduce the symptoms and shorten the course of disease. If add brown sugar curative, the effect will be better.

2 warm water

Drink hot beverage can make the patient phlegm become weak, tension relieve respiratory mucosa, promote expectoration of sputum. It is best to drink warm boiling water or rice soup, it can also be appropriate to drink some warm juice. Choose less irritating Apple Juice and pear juice, do not drink Orange Juice, grapefruit juice and other citrus juice.

3 shredded radish soup

Shredded ginger 25 grams, 50 grams of carrot slices, add water 500 ml, cook for 15 minutes, add brown sugar amount. 200 ml per day, 1-2 times.


4 fresh lemon juice

Lemon juice, add sugar or honey, and then add warm water, drink 500 to 1000 ml when catch a cold, and the runny nose period is reduced. Especially the beginning of a cold, drink lemon juice which could recover for illness without medical help.

5 chicken soup

In the United States where there is no cold medicine, people once suffering from a cold, chicken soup is often the choice before they seek medical help, and the cure can bring a surprise. Doctors and nutrition experts found that chicken soup containing a variety of amino acids that the human body needs, can effectively enhance the body’s resistance to the cold. Therefore, the early cold drink some chicken soup can be eliminated in the respiratory tract, so that the disease can be eased.

6 Chinese cabbage soup

Take Chinese cabbage root 3 pieces, wash and slices, add 3 root of onions, to make soup 500 ml, add sugar a little while hot clothing. Take 250 grams of cabbage, white radish 60 grams, Decoction plus brown sugar, vegetable soup.

Finally, when the body has a cold runny nose, that is to say the body’s immune system is not enough, so if you want to improve the immune system, the daily increase in some of the nutritional intake is particularly necessary.


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