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Man need stay away from 12 kinds of food

Mostly, the male is the mainstay of the family, so the male friend’s health needs to be more attention, and then you know what foods are men should not eat? Following is a small series together to understand each other.

1, instant noodles

Instant noodles processing process is too simple, resulting in a large number of nutrients loss. This feeling is not so delicious instant noodles compared with its smell, suggested men eat less as well, of course, in order to health should not eat better.

2, soybean

Soy protein, in addition to protein, as well as to reduce the effect of cholesterol, which is very useful to the body. But recent research show that: soybean is a kind of estrogen containing characteristics of food, excessive intake will increase the estrogen level in the body, thus affects male sexuality. But don’t overdo it, should pay attention to is “excessive”, as long as the intake is not too many every day, it will not be excessive.


3, bread

It is known that more delicious bread, but less nutrition will be. Often eat bread must have a feeling that is their teeth less durable, tooth decay is more and more serious, the bread is not a good option for a man.

4, fat

It is better not to eat too much fat meat. Because it contains large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, eat more easy to clog the blood vessels, including delivery of blood vessels, congestion is not sufficient.

5, beer

Look at those potbellied, quite a “beer belly” men, you will know that why not drink beer. Beer will not only make people stomach, there is a more shocking news: according to the British scientist’s research, beer contains a 8 – Prenylnaringenin chemical substances, which will limit the fertility of sperm. So many infertile men have the habit of drinking beer.

6, cream

We all know that eating cream is easy to gain weight, because it contains not only high content of saturated fatty acids, but also high fat content, eat more easily damage the body’s arteries, and even affect the male sexual desire. This is a little similar to the truth to eat fat. Do not put milk, butter, fat and other high-fat foods to eat together, otherwise the harm is greater.

7, hot pot

Autumn and winter season, hot oil and hot pot became the darling of the table. However, because the Hot pot contains a large amount of purine (a Hot pot intake more than 10 times purine than a meal), eat more, will increase the uric acid in the blood, which is the key reason of gout. Female body estrogen can promote uric acid excretion, and has the role of inhibition of arthritis, so very little. In men, more entertainment, often eat hot pot of people more likely to be high.

8, salted food

Preserved food why can save a long time, because it put a lot of salt. While high salt is the root cause of high blood pressure. This is just one aspect, more frightening is that medical research has proved that there is a close relationship between hypertension, impotence and low testosterone. Adult daily salt intake limit is 6 grams, but many people’s intake is as high as 12 grams. Pickled food, although delicious, but occasionally try to, do not eat oh.

9, fried food

Fried food is a lot of people’s love, too, which tastes really attractive. However, for the sake of health, or eat less for the wonderful. Because fried foods contain a lot of hydrogenated vegetable fat, not only make people fat, lazy, and insufficient blood supply will affect male reproductive organs in corpus cavernous, effects of “sex” life.

10, refined flour

Eat whole grains, whole wheat pasta are popular now, this is justified. Because often eat white flour products, will weaken the male reproductive ability, and lead to blockage of the arteries, thereby increasing the risk of heart attack and impotence.

11, whole milk

Women, in order to keep fit, choose low-fat or skim milk to drink. Do not think that men can drink milk as wish. Milk and dairy products are the best sources of protein, but they are different. If the whole product is good, or at a distance, because of its less harmful fat, the worst is the mixture of the two, the destructive effect may be immediate.

12, celery

Men eat more celery will inhibit the formation of testosterone, which has the effect of killing sperm, will reduce the number of sperm. According to reports of foreign doctors after the experiment, good health and fertility of young men for several days after eating celery, sperm quantity will be significantly reduced or even to the extent is difficult to conceive, this situation in a few months after stopping dishes will return to normal. So, if it is in the growing period of men, it is best to eat less celery.


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