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HEALBE GoBe2 Wristband Measures Calories Consumed, Hydration Levels: CES 2019

There’s a myriad of smart watches and activity trackers out there from the Apple Watch and Fitbit bands all the way down to nameless pedometers that cost nearly a dollar. At CES 2019 we got a chance to meet with a company called HEALBE that has a unique device, called GoBe2, which is supposedly capable of tracking ingested calories and hydration levels automatically.

The device has an impedance sensor, and we are told it is able to measure the amount of fluid in the cells below the wristband. As glucose levels go up within the cells, water levels go down, and this can be detected. The amount of fat and protein in the diet affects this “glucose curve” and by using previously acquired data, the device can give pretty accurate estimates of the various parameters. Who would have thought that the physiology was so simple!

Recently, the company announced that a 14 day trial of 27 adult volunteers, conducted at the University of California, Davis, has shown that the GoBe2 was  90% accurate in measuring caloric intake.


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