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Resilience & The 25 Seconds Rule

In pro tennis, players are only allowed 25 seconds between the end of one point and the start of the next.

What happens in these brief breaks typically has a lot to do with the results of the match.

What can you learn from this rule?

Excessive stress isn’t good for anyone. You want to be able to quickly spring back after sensing frustration or annoyance (especially in a WOD).

How quickly you can respond to challenges that arise often determines how well you perform.

When you begin to feel set back, thrown off, pissed, frustrated, or annoyed…you can

  • sulk, moan and complain
  • beat yourself up for errors


  • quickly figure out what you can do to improve your situation

In a competitive or high-stress environment, you have limited time to deal with shit. Stay calm, stay positive, and stay proactive, so that you can be your best.



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