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Stretch Yourself Each Day

Phew! I just passed 200 tips (m-f each week) on! This was my original goal when I started the website. I wanted to give advice and coaching that was quick, effective and to the point. I didn’t know exactly how it would all play out, but I knew that I could help you perform, live and feel better…so I started writing.

Each day I sit down to write and go over my notes and ideas for posts. Some days, it’s super quick and easy as I have plenty of ideas and information to pull from. Other days, I struggle to make a clear point and to put my thoughts together. Sometimes, it takes me 10 minutes to post, other times, an hour or so. Occasionally, creating a creative tip is the last thing I want to do.

  • The point is, I am so glad that I committed to posting each day, because it absolutely stretched me beyond my comfort zone. I had to dig deep, focus and be dedicated to my goal.
  • It helped me to be consistent and to continue learning about psychology and they way our minds work. I do research, rough drafts, interviews and plenty of reading to stay current in the CrossFit community.

stretch yourself each day


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