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How To Make Sure You’re Positive, Hopeful, Grateful and Appreciative

How To Make Sure You’re Positive, Hopeful, Grateful and Appreciative

Throughout the day, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind and the pressure of it all. At times, it seems like we are just going through the motions? Right? I try as often as possible to keep myself present, mindful and appreciative. Otherwise, stress can easily take over and beautiful moments go flying by…unrecognized.

This post is a reminder not to forget about all the little, simple, amazing joys in your life. There are little moments, or situations that happen throughout the day that can be captured, if you take the time to highlight and embrace them.

1. Look for simple joys – wherever you are, whatever you do, see if you can find something that makes you smile, feel in awe, or that just brings you some light

2. Appreciate simple joys – go smell that flower, blast your favorite song, enjoy that quiet moment, soak up the feeling you get at the end of the workout, hug that person, coach with enthusiasm, realize the blessings whatever they are

3. Look forward to simple joys – use those little joys as inspiration, motivation, and maybe a reason to get through a challenging day, workout, situation, etc.

Keep focusing on the good, and you’ll continue to feel positive, hopeful, passionate and purposeful.

What moments, situations or things bring you just a little bit of happiness throughout your day? Comment below or on social media.


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