Warning signs of breast cancer

It is very important to know how to stop cancer. This information is helpful for any woman, so it would be a first-rate obsession if you are sharing with others, as well. Many women might be grateful. Is a daily custom for many people to put in an antiperspirant. But you have to know that they contain aluminum and add the danger of breast cancer. Antiperspirants work by blocking, closure or blockage of the pores which produce worry under the arms of the essential constituent of aluminum.

Antiperspirant stops the customary detoxification process is the release of toxins via underarm perspiration. Another concern is that this metal ingredient goes when you or spray on. We don’t pay attention to the information that there is a correlation between the use of antiperspirants and breast cancer but this is confirmed by recent studies.

woman with pink cancer awareness ribbon

The risk of cancer increases if you use the antiperspirant right away after shaving. It is believed that deodorant is much safer to use than the antiperspirant. After recent studies, it was confirmed with parabens breast cancer Association. Deodorants contain parabens many. A simple instance is the breast tissue of a woman dying of breast cancer which found a high number of parabens.

Breast cancer is caused by bra?

Many doctors and researchers agree that lymphatic drainage can be cut with a tight bra. This can be a reason for the growth of breast cancer because of the decommissioning of the ability of the body to drive out any toxins that are exposed to daily life. It is known that lymphatic drainage can be the reason of this buildup of toxins in your body that are potentially dangerous. Aluminium in antiperspirants is considered the origin of these toxins.

There are many cases correlated with breast cancer and wearing a bra but an significant case is the one described in the book Vestida to kill the link between breast cancer and bras written by Sydney singer and Soma Grismaijer medical anthropologists. The study of more than 4000 women found that women who do not wear Bras have much lower risk of breast cancer.

This is what they found:

If you are using your bras for 24 hours straight so the chances of developing breast cancer are 3 of every 4. Women who wear their Bras just for 12 hours but when you go to bed, have 1 of every 7 probable to get bigger cancer. The risk is reduced to 1 of every 52 women who wear their Bras less than 12 hours. Women who by no means or barely ever wear Bras only have 1 out of 168 option of developing breast cancer.

Compared with women who by no means used the fixing with them 24 hours a day bringing increases the hazard of developing breast cancer for 125 times. According to the results of this study there are three times better chance of getting breast cancer by wearing bras that than tobacco cigarettes. Other risk factors that power have prejudiced the final results of this study were not checkered. A alike link between these two are also found in other studies. Wear a bra or a belt can reduce by 60% the melatonin levels in your body this is also confirmed by the Japanese research group. The sleep cycle is regulated by the hormone melanin but most highly it has activities in the fight against cancer.

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