The fruit actually have better medicine effect for male disease

The fruit is not only the female beauty products, but also some fruits have some help for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and urinary tract infection of male diseases. So what fruit is more suitable for men to eat?


Fresh kiwi fruit 50 grams, mash with heating boiling water 250 ml (about 1 cups), and mix thoroughly after drinking, can cure prostatitis after painful urination.



Papaya 250 grams, sliced into 1000 grams of rice wine or low alcohol, keep for two weeks, drink 15 ml per day, two times a day, even serving two weeks, can cure kidney deficiency and alleviate the male physiological dysfunction.


Take 250 grams of fresh grapes, peeled, nuclear and mashed, add appropriate amount of boiling water to drink warm, one to two times daily, and even served two weeks, can cure prostatitis and urine short red astringent pain.


With 15 to 20 teeth of litchi, mashed and drink with water decoction, can cure testicular swelling.

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